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Information On Pet friendly Beaches in the Area

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There are many areas in the Shire where dogs can be exercised, most of these are beaches where a mix of leashed and off-leash arrangements apply. However there are beaches where dogs are prohibited.

Time-share Arrangements Restricted access is available on some beaches (time-share) and adjacent reserves. Some areas are specifically prohibited (check signage). Time-share access for leashed and off leash areas is available between 5pm and 9am 1 November to 30 April and 24 Hour Access 1 May to 31 October (off season) Beaches and Reserves without signage requires dogs to be leashed at all times.

In off leash areas dogs must be effectively controlled and supervised at all times. Dog faeces must be removed immediately.

Time share off-leash exercise areas *24 hour access off season*

Barlings Beach                    Between Melville Point headland and Barlings Beach Caravan Park

Batehaven                            Corrigans Beach (600m) between Hanging Rock breakwall and Joe’s Creek

Lilli Pilli                              Mosquito Bay Beach

Long Beach                         Beach, south west, from Bay Rd carpark to Nature Reserve boundary approx 1600m

Maloneys Beach Maloneys Drive to start Hibiscus Close Malua Bay Malua Bay surf beach

Mogo                                  Western end Buckenboura Oval off Mogo Street

Moruya Sth Head               North of the Surf Club to Toragy Point – excluding Club and carpark area

Mystery Bay                      Mystery Bay beach

Narooma                            Beach north of Handkerchief Lake

Potato Point                       Potato Point beach; from boat ramp north along beach 560m to National Park boundary

Rosedale                            Southern section of beach starting at the carpark off Rosedale Parade

Guerilla Bay                      Main Beach and Stoney Beach South

Congo                                Beach adjacent to Point Parade

Surfside                             Beach opposite Mundarra Way to western end of Myamba Parade

 Tuross                               Beach from Plantation Reserve south to One Tree Point

Wimbie Beach                   Main beach including reserve area Sunshine Bay Sunshine Bay Beach

24hr off-leash exercise areas

Broulee                              Beach between McNee Street and the sandpit

Broulee North                    Broulee Beach—(800m) from Smith Street south to National Park boundary

Dalmeny                            Duesburys Beach Kianga Kianga Reef Beach

Malua Bay                         Pretty Point - beach between headlands Moruya Bengello Beach from 300m north of break wall to airport                                               wind sock

Moruya                              Reserve (known as Ryan’s paddock) east of Moruya Riverside Park

Moruya Sth Head              On the Council reserve east of Coronation Drive (old camping ground)

Mossy Point                      Tomago River reserve, from Connells Close east to boat ramp

Narooma                           South eastern end of Bill Smyth Oval below Canty Street Narooma Bar Beach - northern end to within                                                     100m of break wall

Narooma                           NATA Oval. Off leash not permissible when authorised events are on.

Potato Point                      Jemison’s Beach—540m to National Park boundary

South Durras                    Northern section of beach 1.3km beginning 100m north of Durras Drive bridge to Lakesea caravan park

Tomakin                           Commencing from Kingston Place carpark at boat ramp south to Tomaga River

Tuross Head                     Coila Beach.and Coila Bar 2.6km (not including dune area or lake foreshore check signage at main access                                              point)

24hr leashed exercise areas *24 hr leashed off season*

Broulee                             Beach from Train Street south to Smith Street

Moruya                             From windsock north to creek (south of sandpit)

Tuross                               Foreshore from Anderson Avenue to Country Club carpark

Time share leashed exercise areas

Dalmeny                           Josh’s Beach

Denhams Beach                Beach

Kianga                              Kianga lake Beach

Lilli Pilli                           Beach off Fairview Drive

Lilli Pilli                           Circuit Beach

Batehaven                         Corrigans Beach (600m) from access road to Joe’s Creek

Malua Bay                        McKenzies Beach

Malua Bay                        Garden Bay Beach (dogs prohibited on grassy reserve)

Moruya Sth Head              Main beach south of surf club 400m to National Park

Rosedale North                 North of Yowani Road to McKenzies Beach

Rosedale South                 North of carpark to headland

Prohibited Areas

Areas that dogs are prohibited by legislation include:

All national parks and nature reserves, including Broulee Island, Congo, Bingi, South Head and Mystery Bay

*Shorebird nesting sites as signposted

*Wildlife Protection Areas (NPWS).

*All council swimming pools, public halls, offices, play equipment and their environs.

*Food preparation areas.

Dogs are also prohibited from the following beaches and adjacent reserves:

Narooma                           main Surf Beach Dalmeny - Yabbra beach

Nth Narooma                    Bar beach (netted beach) Sth Narooma - Handkerchief beach (picnic area)

Kianga                              Carters Beach

Potato Point                      the northern third (300m) of Potato Point Beach and the southern third (200m) of Jemison’s Beach

Tuross Head                      Main Beach south of One Tree Point

Coila                                  Foreshore, dune and salt marsh areas on northern shore of Coila Lake

Moruya                              North Head swimming hole at western end of break wall

Broulee                              both sides northern end Candlagan Creek, southern end Candlagan Creek to Train Street. Section of main                                                beach from boat ramp to McNee Street

Broulee                              Shark Bay (from boat ramp to National Park boundary)

Tomakin                             Cove Beach and Jack Buckley Park

Batehaven                          Caseys Beach

Surfbeach                           Main Beach

Corrigans Beach                Beach south of main access road to Observation Point and all reserve areas (Bells Carnival reserve and BBQ recreation area)

Surfside                             between headlands along Myamba Parade

Maloneys Beach               between start of Hibiscus Close and National Park

Long Beach                       beach from Long Beach Road north along Bay Road

Durras                               Cookies Beach and north of Lakesea Caravan Park to National Park


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